When I first used Resolve Carpet Cleaner my reaction was just like yours. I was stunned by the magical power of this carpet cleaner and how effectively it works.

So, tell us that with your kids and pets, you decided to throw a party without anticipating the disastrous impact that your carpet would face.

Your guests while chatting blissfully and booming around with their drinks in their hands, may split it on your brand-new carpet. Or else your kids while playing with their friends, accidentally drop their crayons on it.

The third and the worst scenario would be your pet deciding to destroy your carpet by making it their pee-pee area.

No matter what the situation is, you will surely tend to move toward a more reliable carpet cleaning solution to get the job done quickly and more efficiently!  Right?

 No one wants a stained and smelly carpet and neither do I. So just a few days ago, my kids accidentally spilled coffee on our brand-new carpet. 

With my vast experience of these accidents, I exactly knew what to do instantly. That’s why I used a hyped and well-known best carpet cleaner solution for pets, dirt, coffee and other stain removals in the market called Resolve Carpet Cleaner.

With its Triple Oxi advanced stain removal formula, the Resolve carpet cleaner is known as the best household cleaner. It is available in a ready-to-use spray bottle. So, I quickly grabbed it, open the spray nozzle, and sprayed the formula on that massive-looking coffee stain. The coffee stain came out of the carpet within the next minute. 

I immediately dabbed the stain with a clean piece of cloth and absorbed all that mess. After that, I simply vacuumed the carpet and to my surprise, the carpet was cleaned like nothing just happened.

The quick and effective stain removal capability of Resolve Carpet Cleaner made me do some more research about it and here is what I found.


Weight 22 oz. 
Price $8.40 
Ratings4.6 stars out of 5

How it works

It is effective against both fresh and old carpet stains. The total procedure of removing the stain from your carpet will take around five minutes. First, spray your Resolve carpet cleaner on the stained spot. The triple oxide advanced action formula will penetrate into the stain. It will then fight with the stain ingredients and break them down for easy lift up. Once the spot begins to dry, dab it with a paper towel to lift up all the stain-causing ingredients.

It will not only clean your carpet but will also prevent the stain from reappearing or forming a ring around the edge of the stain.

It will also neutralize the odor and will leave your carpet with a refreshingly good smell.

What makes Resolve Carpet Cleaner better?

Though like any other carpet cleaner spray in the market, the main purpose of Resolve carpet cleaner is to break the tough and deeply residing carpet stains. It is different from others in penetrating the stains deeper and helps to prevent them from reappearing. It also eliminates the odor of that stain and leaves your carpet with a refreshing smell.

Another fact that makes it the best carpet cleaner spray is that according to Nielsen data, the Resolve carpet cleaner is ranked as the number one carpet stain remover.

Types of stains it removes

Based on the user’s experience, the Resolve carpet cleaner is used to remove a wide range of stains including

  • Coffee, cola, wine, juice, and tea stains
  • Salad dressing, tomato sauce, grass stains
  • Vegetable oil and food grease stains
  • Pet urine and mud stains

It deeply removes the most challenging spot and is also effective against high-traffic areas of your carpet. It also works best as a pre-vacuum spray. The resolve carpet cleaner is best to apply on synthetic, wool, nylon, and stain-resistant carpets and lifts up a grease-based stains too.

Why use it?

While some stains are comparatively easier to remove, others are too hard to remove with just vacuum cleaning. This is the point where Resolve carpet cleaner comes to assist you. Resolve will do this job because the vacuum cannot break all the dirt and stains that are deeply trapped inside your carpet. 

It deeply cleans the complex, unbreakable dirt ingredients three times more effectively than a vacuum cleaner. It also excellently removes your pet’s messes and leaves behind a fresh, energizing smell.

Which Resolve carpet cleaner is best to use?

You can use Resolve according to your requirement as suggested below:

Spot Cleaning

If you are looking for something that helps you in spot-cleaning tough stains then go for Resolve Carpet Stain Remover. Spray it on the stained area of your carpet and then after 5 minutes, blot it with a damp cloth and let it dry.

High-traffic areas

For high-traffic areas like on and around the stairs, hallways, and doors, you should choose Resolve High Traffic Carpet Foam. This will aid the dirt removal and your vacuuming will work far better to clean everything up.

All-over deep cleaning

Now when you have decided to clean a larger area or a whole carpet of yours, go for Resolve Pet Expert Steam Cleaning Machine Solution. This solution is specifically formulated to boost up your vacuum cleaning by removing deep stains and pet hair 3X more effectively. 

Tips to use the Resolve carpet cleaner

For better stain removal, apply it as soon as the carpet is stained. Also,

  • Try to spray it just a little bit past the stain.
  • While spraying the Resolve carpet cleaner, extend it to avoid any ring formation around the edge of that stain.
  • Let the spray set on the stain at least for one minute and then remove it by dabbing it with a cloth or paper towel.
  • Dab the stained area when it is partly dry.
  • Do not scrub the stained spot as it will make it harder for you to remove the stain from carpet fibers.

Frequently asked questions

Do Resolve carpet cleaners leave a ring around the stain?

No, when used cautiously it doesn’t leave any ring around the stain. To avoid ring formation, you must spray this solution in the form of a circle and also keep it a little past from the stain.

Can you use Resolve carpet cleaner with an upright vacuum cleaner?

Although it is used only for spot-cleaning purposes, you can vacuum that spot after you lift the stain by dabbing it with a cloth.

Is Resolve carpet cleaner safe for pets and kids?

Yes, it is safe for a house with kids and pets. But you must store it at a place away from your kid’s and pet’s reach.

Can you remove wine stains with Resolve carpet cleaner?

Yes, you can easily remove wine stains from the carpet with the help of Resolve.

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